Contributing to Istanbul

We would love to have you contribute to the Istanbul project, be it:

  • creating a detailed bug report.
  • adding a cool new feature.
  • fixing bugs.
  • helping us with our documentation or website.

No contribution is too small, and we love first time open-source contributors.

#Reporting a Bug

To report a bug, simply open an issue on the appropriate GitHub repository in the organization.

If you're not sure what component of Istanbul the issue might be occurring in, open an issue on nyc Istanbul's command line client.

Please provide the following information when drafting a bug report:

  • Expected Behavior: how should things be working?
  • Observed Behavior: what did you observe happening instead?
  • Code: provide a repository, or snippet of code, that reproduces the bug.
  • Environment Information: provide the following information about your environment:

    • your operating system.
    • your Node.js version.
    • your npm version.
    • your project dependencies.

Here's a handy script you can run:

sh -c 'node --version; npm --version; npm ls' > output.txt

#Creating a Pull Request

Have an idea for a cool new feature? want to contribute a bug fix? We'd love to have you contribute:

  • Look through the existing issues and see if your idea is something new.
  • Create a new issue , or comment on an existing issue that you would like to help solve:

    • it's usually best to get some feedback before proceeding to write code.
  • fork the appropriate Istanbul repo, and clone it to your computer:

  • make sure that you write unit-test for any code that you write for Istanbul:

#Contributor Behavior

Be kind to one another. We're striving to make Istanbul an inclusive environment that's great for first time open-source contributors.

tldr; we value value constructive community interaction, over technical acumen.